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4 Ideas to capture your Christmas memories with photobooth


Christmas is one of the popular events celebrated around the world. It is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. Create Christmas memories with photobooth

Christmas is one of the biggest events where people celebrate, and businesses discount their products. Several business ideas can be implemented at a Christmas party. As we discuss the photo booth industry, here are 4 Ideas you can implement at Christmas parties and make some grand. 


Photobooths are now getting popular day by day. In any event, people are interested in taking photos from different angles and positions. People like the changes. The photo booth concept is one camera with the required hardware set up in one place. There will be software connected to the camera, and various effects can be found within the software. From there audience can select the effects and capture the photos. This is a unique way of capturing the photos; people like it. 

There are various types of photo booths. Some just capture photos, and some print those images according to the effect of the user’s chosen frame. 

Another type allows users to share their photos directly from the booth. It is the work of the software. All software doesn’t have these features. If your photo booth software doesn’t have this sharing feature, you can use Diphideo Sharing Station to instantly share your photos from your booth. 


360 Video Booth

360 Video Booth is the video-creating platform for a live event. The rig is like a round platform in the center; around it, a stand and a camera are attached, which circles around the rig and captures videos. As it circles around the subjects, it creates a video that is 360 degrees. 

You can use this one for Christmas events. With some Christmas props, the video will look lit. Automated 360 Video Effect, developed by cor2tec, is the one-stop solution for your 360 video booth. You just need one click to start. With a click, the software will start recording and processing with effects, and it’ll be ready to share via QR, mail, or social sharing. 


Lenticular Printing Booth

Lenticular Printing is another unique thing to add to your Christmas live events. Who doesn’t like a lenticular version of themselves? Suppose you captured 360 videos. What if you could hold the videos on paper? It’ll be amazing, right? 


In that booth, your audience will capture the photo with a multicamera or 360 video and select some specific frames, which will later be printed on paper, and a lenticular sheet will attach to it. It’ll give you a flipflop if you have 2 images. If more than 2 sequential images are selected, it’ll give a 3D experience. Christmas memories with photobooth

Cor2tect is the first in this industry to build live event printing software. Read for more details regarding lenticular software. 


Timeslice Photobooth

Timeslice Photobooth is another unique activity that can be included in a Christmas party. The timeslice booth is much more critical than the other photo booth setups. Multiple cameras needed to be set up first then software was needed to control the camera. Some companies are using external trigger boxes to control all the cameras. Cor2tect’s camera-controlling software lets you control all the cameras from a single dashboard with just one powered USB hub. 

After that, you need effects. Others may suggest you use another software for the effects. 

The output of the Timeslice booth is awesome. You can capture 3D, 180, and 360 videos and export them as mp4 or gif. You can also capture time-freeze photos with 360 effect. Isn’t that amazing? The audience also needs to get those captured media others don’t support on their software. But with cor2tect, you can do it effortlessly. 



These things can be easily done with 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth Software. 


To learn more about cor2tect, Please visit

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