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Automated 360 Video Effect Software for your experiential events


One of COR2TECT’s newest solutions is a mixture of high-end technology and resourceful features. After the success of ‘Bullet Timeslice’ software solution, COR2TECT has released a new app that can add new dimensions to a lot of experiential marketers, event photo booth and video production agencies. Automated 360 Video Effect Software.

‘Automated 360 Video Effect Software’ allows video-makers a range of opportunities to explore. A lot of cool features and tools bundled together in an app that makes a video editor’s life easy. In a nutshell, this software will shrink down your video editing time and give marketers opportunities to use promotional videos in an exciting new way. If you are running an event for a single camera then 360 video is the best solution for you.

For the 360 video effect, you can use any DSLR camera and also GoPro. If you are looking for a wireless connection and hassle-free setup the I will definitely recommend you to use GoPro. 

All the features you can get with Automated 360 Video Effect Software

Let’s discuss all the cool features this new software has. Keep in mind this software is for single-camera rotating in 360 angles around the subject(s). Here are the features:

Slow-motion or fast motion:

Control the speed and motion of your video playback. You can speed up to forward or backward of your video, reduce the speed to make slow-motion effects. You can do this at any point in your original video timeline. Just select the time stamp from where you want the motion to change and when to end, and you’ll get the desired output.

Automatic edit capable preset templates:

When you save and preserve your preferred style of edit for later use, it becomes much easier. You have the ability to customize your own edit templates, and the template will automatically edit the selected video(s). You can just ‘drag and drop’ any of your videos onto the templates.

Chroma key (Green screen) Automated 360 Video Effect Software:

There are so many possibilities at what you can do with the green screen. Sometimes it seems like overkill with so many people using it unnecessarily. But for 360 videos, the green screen can play a very dramatic role. From adding cool animations in the background to taking your guests to midlands European landscape, anything is possible.

2D/3D Overlays and brand identities:

Logos, taglines, slogans, and many other brand identity stuff can be added to the videos as overlays for promotional purposes. The overlays will be a perfect way to showcase your brand to your guests and everyone else watching the videos.

Boomerang and kaleidoscope effects:

Use social media favorite effects such as boomerang and kaleidoscope effect. Most of the videos you make will probably end up on social media platforms. Why not use the chance to give popular and trendy effects ago, right?

Instant playback on live screen:

You can show your videos instantly on the screen as the videos take only seconds to be edited by automated templates from the software. In live events, this will give you a chance to engage many people at once if you use a big screen.

Intro, outro video, and audio integration:

You can add promotional video materials before or after the actual effect. Also, you can background music and chants to go with the effects.

How Automated 360 Video Effect Software can benefit you:

This software can easily make your live events less complicated, less time consuming and economically efficient. See the following points to know-how:

  • Our software is fully automated; you don’t have to spend hours editing your 360 videos anymore. Use the preset templates to complete your editing in a matter of seconds.
  • The automated capability of the software ensures easy maintenance of the event proceedings. Just by clicking the button on your pc the editing is done.
  • In live events such as experiential marketing campaigns, photo booths or even video productions can be benefited by the versatile nature of the software. No need stress over editing or device support, this software will do everything for you.

All in all, if you want to conduct stress-free experiential live events or make videos with cool effects in matter seconds; then ‘Automated 360 Video Effect’ is the perfect solution for you.

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