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How To Do Light Painting Using Multi Camera Bullet Time Software?


It’s a supernatural touch that manages to dazzle us by light art, also known as light drawing or light graffiti. Light painting was normally created by using a single camera but nowadays with multi camera controlling techniques people are creating more stunning results using multi camera productions. Though it’s not very common to use Multi Camera Bullet Time Software for light painting, it can produce some amazing results.

Technically speaking, light painting means photographing by shifting a light source before a movable camera with a very long exposure at night or in a darkened space. In today’s article, we will help you to create a light painting using multi camera bullet time software. 

What Is Light PaintingWhat Is Light Painting 

The light painting technique uses an active light source to apply light to a subject that is under-illuminated while photographing using long-term exposure. By drawing with a light ray, a scene or object may be recreated just using lights. You may use light in a manner similar to that of a paintbrush. You may create or highlight an existing scene using your camera and a light source.

Rather than capturing an image as presented, you create an image with light painting, which is captured by the camera. Light painting can require much patience and practice, but the results can be quite enjoyable. But let’s not confuse this sound – light painting is like any low-light picture, except we are setting an external light source in motion in this sense to boost an image. 

What is Multi Camera Bullet Time Effect What is Multi Camera Bullet Time Effect

This multi-camera bullet time effect is a process that can be used to transform time or to decrease time significantly for the purpose of creating videos. The time is stalled enough to display objects that are not normally visible and movable, e.g. moveable spaces or objects using the viewpoints of the frame and a view of the camera, as events slow down in the sequence.

A bit blunt but in reality, it is not that much horrifying as the exact definition suggests. To put it simply its the process of using a bunch of cameras to shoot in a sequential manner to create a 3D effect to reveal the subject in such a way that creates a 3D motion effect. You can create a bullet-time effect using 6 to 200 cameras. When trying to create light painting 12 to 24 cameras are perfect as it will help you create a 180-degree effect which is ideal for light painting. 

Tools you need to use for Multi Camera Light Painting


For creating a light painting using the multi camera setup has some difference compared to the single camera light painting. When we are talking about Multi Camera Light Painting we will be needing a few extra tools. Here is a list of things you need: 


For achieving the best results you will need 12 to 24 any Canon DSLR cameras which support bulb mode or manual mode. Though all the Canon DSLRs have the feature builtin including the entry-level DSLR cameras like 1200D/EOS Rebel T3.   

Camera Array Rig 

The multi-camera array rig is a series of vertically angled or circularly mounted side by side cameras. You need to design the rig based on the sort of effect you want. The number of cameras depends on the kind of effect you want. For light painting the 180 degree is perfect but if you can manage around 36 cameras you can go for 360 effects. The cameras won’t remain on a pattern by themselves. You must have good support for your cameras because they are one by one. It is important to create a stable foundation for your cameras, and when you release certain cameras, you do not want to move and capture a particular angle. The camera array system for bullet-time then is a physical device that maintains and generates an angle to create a 3D view of a subject from an angle of 90, 180, or 360 degrees with many camera models. If you do know how to create a rig you can check how to create a bullet time effect camera rig

Bullet Time Effect Software

Because of its large customizability and usability, Cor2tect offers the most unique Bullet time effect software. It’s not just light painting but also an incredible super slow motion time effect that this app allows you to make.

As you only use USB to connect cameras your overall configuration is smooth and clean since there will be no additional cables. You will not have to use any external trigger box for an optimized fast triggering system. With Cor2tect’s bullet time software solution, you will get the following benefits:

  1. Eliminate the use of analog or external trigger box for bullet timeslice
  2. Throw out your Raspberry PI microprocessor as a USB hub is enough to connect 50+ cameras in just one PC.
  3. You just need one click to create the perfect light-painting bullet time effect
  4. Add the Jump & freeze effect without any analog trigger box.
  5. Automatic solution for fast video processing
  6. All-inclusive service for your live event’s needs.
  7. Bespoke service according to your business needs for a hassle-free setup.
  8. Free 24/7 online support
  9. Superfast calibration in any situation.

Light source

For light painting, several different kinds of lighting may be used. They are your brushes which can contain lamps, flashlights, mirrors, highlights or strobes, mobile phones, or even candles. These are your brush origins. Anything that can generate light can be used to render light color as a brush. Various light sources create various light colors. For eg, a cooler (blue) light will be emitted by the LED light source while a halogen light will be much warmer (orange).

Do Light Painting Using Multi Camera Bullet Time SoftwareDo Light Painting Using Multi Camera Bullet Time Software

Now it’s time for the final and most important part it’s time to show how you can do a light painting using Multi Camera Bullet Time Software. It is not very hard if you have all the tools in place. Just follow the below steps. 

Place the camera array & connect

The first thing you need to do is place the array in a dark place. A studio is perfect for doing the light painting but if you do not have a studio and want to do the painting in an open space doing it during the night is the best solution. Once you have the array in place just connect it using a powered USB hub using a computer on which you want to run the Multi Camera Bullet Time Software.


Now you have to stabilize the cameras using a board that has three bright coloreds spots on it. You can also use a stabilization stick. 

Set the setting

Once you have stabilized the cameras it is time for the most crucial part which is camera settings. You do not have to manually set each camera. You can use the Multi Camera Bullet Time Software to set all the camera settings from the computer. For light painting the following settings are recommended: 

  1. Put the cameras on bulb mode. 
  2. Set the white balance to Incandescent or Tungsten. 
  3. ISO at 100
  4. Aperture at  f/8 or f/10
  5. Make sure the long exposure is enabled 
  6. Now the shutter is on bulb mode and uses a Bluetooth controller to trigger the stutter.    

Trigger & export

When your camera is on a bulb mode the first click will release the shutter and the second click will close the shutter. Set the settings to auto-export and the second click will export the output on your computer within a few seconds. 

Few Light Painting Tips 

Here are some tips which will help you to create better art with light painting. Make sure you follow and do not forget to use your own imagination. 

Start From Sides

To get the perfect art don’t stand beside your camera and wave around on your picture with your light. The layer painting of flat surfaces allows you to show the surface textures.

Different Angle

Keep the spotlight low and sweep light over the landscape when lighting the landscape. This prevents the floor from appearing flat and shows all surface details. In fact, the picture can have a fascinating three-dimensional effect by applying light from several angles.

Stay Behind the light source

Do not stand across your light source and your frame, or you appear in your picture as a shadow illusion

Clothes Matters

Wear black clothes that do not reflect and keep on moving. Again, in your image, you do not want to look like a ghost.

Keep Practicing

You will not get it right on your first attempt. You may fail miserably the idea of light painting is not to give up so practice more and more to get the perfect result. 

Light painting with a bullet time effect gives your art more creativity and attention it needs. Everyone with a camera can create a light painting but with the bullet time effect, you can create some more than just a light painting. If you have any questions of confusion please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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