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How To Trigger Different Camera Models For Multi Camera Bullet Time Effect?


Most people put the towel on the Multi Camera Bullet Time effect due to its high budget issues & there is a misconception that you need to have similar camera models for that creating that effect. Many people do not know it’s possible to trigger the different camera models for the Multi Camera Bullet Time Effect. In this article, I will try to give a solution on how you can use different camera models for a multi-camera bullet time effect. 

What is Multi Camera Bullet Time Effect 

I will assume that you have no or little idea about the multi camera bullet time effect so I will start from the very beginning. This is nothing but a camera effect but instead of using one camera the multi camera bullet time effect uses more than 5 cameras. You can use up to 200+ cameras for this effect. This effect is also known as the 3D effect as its object is revealed using a 3D motion. 

The term was coined from the popular Matrix movie where the main actor Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in a dramatic fashion and the scene was shown from a 180 angle. Here is a video of a multi camera bullet time effect that will give you a better understanding. 

You people now realize what the effect of bullet time is and a lot of us don’t realize that there are types of effects of bullet time. Today, we see the bullet-time effect being used by various photo booth firms all around the world. It is very popular for live events in nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, and also in the USA. There are three types of multi camera bullet time effect

  1. 90-degree bullet time effect
  2. 180-degree bullet time effect
  3. 360-degree bullet time effect 

1. 90-degree bullet time effect

This is the standard bullet time effect which requires only a basic configuration. The 90-degree angle of the subject is covered by this kind of effect which can be achieved with only 6 to 12 cameras.

2. 180-degree bullet time effect

As the title implies, the 180 bullet time effect incorporates a curved angle of 180 degrees, and this style of bullet time effect is suitable for major live events and outdoor setups since less camera is needed for the 180 bullet time effect to create a rig. You can build a 180 bullet time rug using 10 to 18 cameras.

3. 360-degree bullet time effect

Among gigantic photo booths and experiential marketing firms, 360 bullet time is famous as it offers a complete 3D view of the subject and the setting. The effect is obtained from an angle of 360 degrees and induces a spectacular circular effect. To produce a complete 360-degree effect, this is achieved using a circular rig and takes about 18 to 32 cameras.

What is USB Trigger 

The people who are in the bullet time effect industry for quite a while now probably used a trigger box when started the bullet time effect for the first time. A Trigger box is an external hardware which is used for triggering the cameras. People believed that using a trigger box makes it easy to create bullet time effects and the triggering process is done seamlessly. This is somewhat true, to be honest, but there is a big drawback of using a trigger box. Using a trigger box makes the whole setup messy and not to mention the hardware is not cheap. To eliminate this issue a USB trigger was introduced. 

Software is needed for creating a bullet time effect and when you are using Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth you can use the software to trigger the cameras directly from the software using a powered USB hub. This process is known as USB triggering and it’s cheap and works the same as the trigger box without creating a mess. The USB trigger is most important when you are using a bunch of different camera models as the trigger box might create some issues if you are using different camera models. So if you are planning to start the bullet time effect with different camera models USB triggering is a must for you. 

Benefits of Using Different Camera Models 

Now you already know why we prefer USB triggering to trigger box and it has also opened doors for using different camera models for bullet time effect. A few years back we thought we could not use different camera models for creating bullet time effects but now it’s more than feasible. Here are the tops benefits of using different camera models for the bullet time effect: 

1. Easy To start

When starting the bullet time effect the main obstacle is managing the cameras. It’s a huge investment and getting 10-15 cameras can be very tricky. So you have 2-3 cameras already and buy a few more. It’s easier to get started. The main fact here is you do not need the exact same model. But make sure they are from the same brand.  

2. Budget Friendly

Most of the people back out from the bullet time effect is due to the heavy investment it has. But if you use few existing camera models which have already or borrowed some from friends and family it becomes less costly. 

3. Fastest USB triggering

Believe it or not, using USB triggering most of the time outperforms the trigger box and it also can be used for triggering flashes. Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Timeslice is the fastest USB triggering and it also supports different camera models. If you want to give it a try, give us a knock.    

How To Trigger Different Camera Models

One cool fact about Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth is that there is not a different option for using different camera models or the same camera models. The process is the same for both types. So here is how you can trigger different camera models using Cor2tect’s Multi-camera software.

Step 1: Setup

If you use USB, it is very easy to do the setup. Use USB cables and USB hubs to connect each camera. Link the hub to the computers. Be sure to connect the cameras using a power adapter to maintain consistent power if you intend to use the set-up for a longer period of time.

Step 2: Connection

Run the application after you have checked that the cameras are compatible with the device. You can see on the computer that the cameras have been detected. You may pick all the cameras, or select any of them. For example, you’ve connected 20 cameras to a USB hub, but you want to use 12 cameras for a particular shot, so you can manually select the cameras to use.

Step 3: Trigger

You’re almost there as manual controls such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc which can also be changed. You must calibrate the cameras until you are pleased with the changes. This takes 5-10 seconds, and you can use any horizontal bar with 4 objects on it to do it. Yellow or green may be the luminous object. Upon completion of the calibration, shooting will begin. To trigger the cameras, you do not need to have any trigger box. You can trigger the cameras with the app, and there is an auto-export option.

Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth helps to start your bullet time effect booth at minimal cost possible. If you have 4-6 cameras you can start and for free demo contact us

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