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How to use studio flash or strobe flash for bullet time effect?


People use bullet time for all types of events indoors or outdoors. The use of flash in bullet time is not something new, especially when you are going for an indoor event. Though most people do not use the flashlight for outdoor events as there is always sufficient light available. But nowadays we are observing people are interested in using a studio or strobe flash for both indoor and outdoor events for their experiential marketing efforts. In this article, we will talk about how you can use studio flash or strobe flash for bullet time effect

What is a studio or strobe flash  

Aright I do not think anyone is out there who does not know what a flash is. It’s common nowadays as most of the smartphones have one built-in. If you ever encountered with a DSLR you know there is a small pop that lights up while you trigger the camera. But in Bullet time we use multiple cameras so flash becomes a bit tricky. So we use what is called a studio or strobe flash. It works just like any other flash but it is much bigger in size and power. So it has more range and creates a different type of light. You can power a strobe with a battery but you will need a battery that can run a small car so it’s better to go with an AC power. When you are going for a huge multi camera setup the strobe flash will give you much more range and power.     

Benefits of using a studio or strobe flash 

First thing first a studio or strobe flash is really expensive than other camera flashes. It ranges from $500 to staggering $1500 but you will get a lot of benefits if you use strobe flash such as:

1. Strobe flashes are more powerful and can provide you with a huge amount of light source if you need it.
2. They have built-in softboxes so there is no need for manually build it
3. Strobe flash has built-in continuous modeling lights this helps you to see the objects in the dark and focus better.
4. Strobe flash has the ability to fire multiple shots at a time and as they usually stuck at the wall they recycle very quickly.
5.They have a built-in light stand, they don’t need an adapter to mount them on a light stand. 

Requirements for using studio or strobe flash for bullet time 

If you are using Cor2tect’s bullet time software then it’s super easy to use strobe flash or studio flash. But Cor2tect always recommends using continuous lighting for indoor dark conditions. But it works just fine for studio or strobe flash as well so there is no need to worry about it. Here the steps which will allow you to use a studio or strobe flash for bullet time.

1. You need to make sure you have the updated version of Cor2tect’s bullet time software.
2. First, you need to put the camera on flash mode.
3. Now here is a trick you need to trigger two times. The first trigger will wake up the flash and the second trigger will trigger the camera. There can be 10 to 15 seconds of delay between the two triggers but it will depend on the shutter speed. If your shutter speed is below 1/60 you can wait 10 to 15 seconds but if set the shutter speed above 1/60 for example if it set at 1/100 then you need to trigger a second time within 1 second.

When you are using flash during multi camera bullet time booth there is a misconception that using software trigger will delay the flash. This is totally wrong, using Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Time slice software you can trigger both cameras and flash without any delay.

The use of flash in Bullet time events is getting more and more popular these days. Using Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Timeslice software you can trigger flash and the cameras simutanously without any delay. If you want to give a try or if you can any queries please contact us.


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