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Why One Stop Solution is better for the experiential marketers and Live event industry?


I bet at any point in life you heard the term one stop solution for experiential marketers and events. This term one stop solution is used for the service industry like the event industry and experiential markers. If we look at the retail industry this term is introduced as one shop solution. In this article, we will focus on the event and experiential marketing industry and discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages. 

What Is One Stop SolutionWhat Is One Stop Solution

One stop solution or one stop shop is a kind of service where a client or customer gets all products or services from one provider. It can be retail products or service-based products. As a customer, most of us prefer to buy all the things under one roof which eliminates the hassle of running from one shop to another. If you look at superstores like Walmart you can easily understand why it’s so important to have a one stop solution service or store. 

What Are The Advantages Of One Stop SolutionWhat Are The Advantages Of One Stop Solution

There is a reason why people are shifting towards one stop solutions. Finding all the solutions under one provider is the main but there are other benefits of choosing a one stop solution service. Here are few of the many:

Find the right solution for your business needs: 

When you are running a business finding the best services for your operation can be very troublesome. Even if you find one provider it is very unlikely that it will provide you with all the support you need. That’s why it important to find one stop solution provider as it will give you all the support you need in quick succession 

Optimal price for your solution: 

When you are buying your necessity from one service provider it is very likely that it will provide you a good amount of discount. As you will be buying multiple services the price will deduce. 

A single point of contact for service and support:

When you are facing any problems you will be getting help from one provider this will help you to save time and energy. If you were getting support from multiple providers and if two-three things broke down can you imagine the hassle you need to go through? 

Well-trained Professionals:

Most one stop solution firms have very well trained professionals and most of them can provide you all the solutions you need. The reason is establishing a one-stop solution company is not easy so it takes hard work to build one. Without well-trained professionals achieving it is quite impossible. So whenever you find a one stop solution service provider it is highly likee=ly they have a pool of well-trained professionals.  

Consolidated Online Management: 

Most of the one stop solutions have a very strong online presence this makes dealing with them a lot easier than contemporary service providers. Whenever you face a problem then you can contact them via online and they will get back to in the least possible time. 

What Are The disadvantages Of One Stop SolutionWhat Are The Disadvantages Of One Stop Solution 

When it comes to one stop solution it is not always sunshine and rainbows. Many people faced different problems while dealing with one stop solutions. Though the pros overturn the cons but we can not overlook them. Here are a few disadvantages of a stop solution. 

Finding the perfect provider: 

The problem you will encounter is that not all service providers offer the service suits your needs. Most of the companies will advertise they are one stop solution providers but in reality, they are not. Finding the perfect one takes time but once you find one you do not need to hold back. 

Tailored Service takes time: 

If you are looking for a tailored one stop service it takes a lot of time to get it done. But you can not blame the providers either. To craft a solution that fits your business needs perfectly takes time and a lot of effort. The problem arises when you need a solution quickly.   

A gap in service:

When a provider is offering you a full service it is not uncommon to have few gaps in the service. After all the providers are human and to be good at every service it takes years of hard work. For example, you hired a digital agency and their web development is superb but when digital marketing service is a bit slaggy. What you need to do is set your priorities in place and compromise on the service which are not essential for your business.    

Why One Stop Solution Is ImportantWhy One Stop Solution Is Important For Experiential Marketers And Live Event Industry

Now we know what are the pros and cons of a stop solution. But to be honest the advantages overshadow the disadvantages. One stop solution is very important when it comes to Experiential Marketers And Live Event Industries. Here is why:  

24/7 Live Event Support: 

One of the key features of a stop solution is 24/7 support. During a live event, anything can go wrong and you need support. That’s why a one stop solution provider with 24/7 support is crucial for the success of your event. 

Business Impact: 

A one stop solution can have a huge impact on your overall business structure. The client management and service you offer becomes easier for you to provide. When you have a system that supports all customer needs it impacts your business performance in a positive way. 

Service synchronization: 

An event or experiential marketing agency offers a variety of services. It is highly unlikely that it will be able to provide all kinds of offers using a software or web platform. So you will be needing help to synchronize all the services you are providing. If you are using support from multiple vendors your service will be effective due to lack of synchronization.   


When your business is booming you need to expend. Most of the one stop solution providers offer the option of scalability. This might be a huge hassle if you are using services from multiple vendors.  

Team Cohesiveness: 

During live events, Team Cohesiveness is very important for the success of the event. One stop solution will improve Team Cohesiveness as each service will be contacted to each other and will be easy to use. 

One Stop Solution By Cor2tect

Cor2tect is a one stop solution provider for events and it has been powering events and photo booths since 2009. With a variety of bespoke solutions, Cor2tect has placed itself as a market leader when it comes to software solutions for the live event industry and experiential marketing events. 

The flagship product of Cor2tect which is 3D Bullet Time Effect is one of the best in the market. From adding various effects like super slow motion, jump and freeze, green screen to adding intro, outro everything is super easy. With the help of Diphideo Sharing Station, you can share the final outputs with your guests with one click. You will also be able to collect data and easily export and share when you need it. The best part is these two services can be used under one platform. 24/7 online support puts a cherry on the top for your live events. 

The Automated 360 video effect is another solution from Cor2tect for the 360 video booth events. It also follows the same principals and offers 100% automation for your live events. This software also syncs perfectly with Diphideo Sharing Station.The Universal GoPro Desktop App adds more spice as you can also use the action camera for your 360 booths. All the solutions come with free training and support to make sure you are always top of your game. 

Finding the right solution for your events is crucial to your overall business performance. Finding the right one will make your business reach new heights and on the other hand falling to find the right service provider can be a nightmare.


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