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Cost Effective Photo Booth Sharing Station For Events & Photo Booths


If you will not find a photo booth or event business that does not use a sharing station software. Photo Booth sharing station for iPad & tablets is an important aspect of an event and overall photo booth business. There are plenty of sharing stations in the market but today I will give you an overall idea of Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software which is the most cost-effective sharing station. So let’s start: 

What is Photo Booth Sharing Station 

As I said before when we’re talking about showing the event visitors the photos, videos, or maybe a printout they want to take as a souvenir, sharing the input is incredibly critical. Using Bluetooth or applications such as sharing one or two photos can be transmitted pretty easily. But what happens when you have tons of pictures, videos, and fifty people in a line, and everybody is eager to get the video they just made. A Photo Booth Sharing Software can help you escape or even keep the crowd entertained from this sticky situation.

It is almost like a server that stores images & videos. The software can be server or ethernet-based. Typically, the app has a gallery from which all the videos and images can be displayed. You may exchange pictures or videos via email or print the content from the gallery. There are plenty of Photo Booth Sharing apps with its own distinctive features out there, but in this article, we will concentrate on Diphideo Sharing Station, which is the safest way to share your picture and videos of the event and not to mention in the current market it will give you the best value for your money. 

What is Diphideo Sharing Station

What is Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software 

Diphideo Sharing Station is a digital media sharing Station for photo/image, GIF, and video (MP4, MOV). Diphideo Sharing Station provides a lot more than sharing your pictures and videos. Now you can also gather and analyze information like an email address. No more trouble about space in the cloud or Internet connection. Nobody has to think about problems related to data storage and security. Diphideo Sharing Station is designed to obtain the best way to exchange guest photos without any kind of problems. 

You will post all your photos, videos, and GIFs shortly after the event with your guests. An automatic data processing framework can be supported by this software to track your files. With Diphideo Sharing Station, you can now start sharing your images and video clips via email, WhatsApp, or social media in a secure and simple way. Often, the app helps you to print pictures from a clip and also print those frames. If you have a photo booth business or an event company this software must be on your bucket list as this provides the most cost effective solution for your business while supporting the premium features. 

How Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software Works 

Before we dive into how to post images and videos for events, you can use Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Tools. Learning how the program really functions is critical. The Diphideo Sharing Station is a platform based on windows with two sections:

Diphideo Admin Console: 

The Diphideo admin console is located on a windows based laptop or a desktop computer that acts as a server. All the images are videos that are stored on this computer. This computer can be any low performing laptop or desktop. You can share the photos or videos directly from the admin console or use the client App for an extra layer of security. The admin console acts as an administrator between other devices which acts as a sharing hub. You can control all the settings from the admin console.

Diphideo Client App: 

The Diphideo Client Application is nothing more than a secondary system attached to the Ethernet network or to the same network as the Admin Console. It could be an Ipad, a tablet, a laptop, or a kiosk. Client Software should be used while you intend to allow visitors the right to share their own pictures and videos.

Supported Formats:

The Diphideo Sharing Station also supports GIFs and both images and videos. As you know, there are many image and video formats nowadays and most of them are enabled by Diphideo Sharing Station. It allows BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF for images. The file formats available are MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV. It can be integrated upon request if you need any specific formats.

How To Share Using Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software


1. Email Share

Email sharing is the most critical way to share images and videos in every photo booth. With offline email messaging, Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing App provides a little extra versatility.

2. WhatsApp Share

Many people are not really comfortable with email, but you can find WhatsApp on 90 percent of owners of smartphones. You will quickly exchange photographs and videos using the WhatsApp API of the Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Program.

3. QR Code Share

Many businesses are going touchless during COVID-19 and the QR Code sharing feature allows Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing App to benefit this cause. Using Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing App, you can create a QR code and your visitors can share the videos and photographs using scanning.

4. Photo Booth Printing

The default feature of the Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Program is printing. You can apply and change the color of the photographs to a certain brand overlay and print it from the app. The fascinating thing is that a chosen frame can also be printed from a video as well.

5. Social Share

You may also use the Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing App to post images and videos on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. But we don’t suggest it because you need to login to the Admin console or client software for your account. It could pose a threat to defense, so it would be best not to use it.

Benefits Of Photo Booth Sharing SoftwareBenefits of Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software

You have an understanding of how the Diphideo sharing station functions. I have noted that the market has a lot of Photo Booth Sharing apps, so what makes the Diphideo Sharing Station so special? Well, we’re going to find out:

1. Secured sharing

It is fair enough to claim that Diphideo Sharing Station is the best way to exchange images since you can share them with the client software, which isolates the admin console in a secure location.

2. Multi-Device Sharing

The only photo booth app that allows you to use the software on multiple devices without any additional expense is the Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software. For post-COVID-19 events, this is very necessary as this will help you to handle the crowd around you appropriately.

3. No internet required

During live events, finding a secure Internet connection is often too much to call for. But you can use the Diphideo Sharing Station in offline mode. Both requests will be held in a queue and immediately begin submitting the outputs as soon as the program gets internet access.

4. Works on any computer

Diphideo Sharing Station is a lightweight software and works even on a pc that has 512 MB of ram. The setup process is quite straightforward and works well for every photo booth like a multi-camera booth, 360 video booth, and so on. 

5. Data Collection

Diphideo Sharing Station is not a regular photo sharing software. It can also store and analyze your events data for you. If you are using a photo booth for brand activation these data can be very useful for your clients.   

6. Bulk Email & report

Another very useful feature of Diphideo Sharing Station is the ability to send bulk emails. The data you collect can be used to create stunning email templates. The software also has the ability to create a lead collection report. This feature is really useful when you plan to use the emails for promotion.

7. Automatic resend

When you are sending emails via Diphideo Sharing Station it is very common that everyone will not open your emails. You can automatically resend the emails which were not sent or did not open. This is really vital if you want your email campaigns to be successful.   

8. Color Grading

Another useful feature of Diphideo Sharing Station is color grading. When running a live outdoor event the lighting setup and getting the perfect light for your outputs can be quite troublesome. The advanced color grading option from Diphideo Sharing Station can be your lifesaver and the best part is it’s super easy to apply.

Make Your Photo Booth Covid Proof Using Unlimited IPad & Tablet 

I have mentioned this earlier but it is worth mentioning again so that you have a clear understanding of how the software will make your photo booth covid proof. Here are a few tips on how you can do it. 

1. Place multiple Ipads & Tablets: 

This is the cool part as if you look at other sharing stations you will be able to use just one device and for more devices, you need to pay. But for Diphideo Photo Booth Sharing Software you can use unlimited client Apps for Free. You can place 5-10 sharing stations at different locations of your event so that there is no rush for content collection.

2. One Operator For Each Client App:

If you have the manpower it’s better to assign one person for each client app and only one person will be allowed to use that device. The operator will share the QR code and the guest will just scan and be on their way. 

3. Sanitation & Social Distancing: 

Everyone at the event must wear a must and should do social distancing and remain 3 feet apart from one another. There should be hand sanitizers placed at each sharing point for avoiding contamination. 

Diphideo Sharing Station is the one must thing you need for your photo booth today. It will give you a competitive edge over your competitors and make your events hit among the audiences. If you still have any confusion or if you want to give the software a try make sure you contact us today. 

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