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Creative virtual event ideas using virtual green screen backgrounds


COVID-19 has touched every aspect of human life and also businesses and industries. Many businesses were shut down and few industries are on the brink of extinction. The event industry was one of the hardest-hit but the good news is many creative marketers are finding ways to tackle this unfortunate event. By using virtual green screen backgrounds you can host virtual events for 180 multi camera booths, 360 video booths, and so on. 

Many creative marketers are coming up with creative ideas to host and run events keeping in mind the government laws & regulations regarding COVID-19. In this article, we will discuss a few creative event ideas which might help you to get back on track. 

What is a Virtual Green Screen Event What is a Virtual Green Screen Event  

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a shift in the event industry. Many photo booth owners & event marketers have started virtual events or virtual booths.  If we talk about virtual booths then it’s nothing but adding some effects, digital backdrops to an existing video or images. This is very common but nothing special to be honest. 

A virtual green screen event takes virtual booths to the next level. Using a green or blue screen in the background the users take a video. It can be any normal video or it also can 180 multi camera videos or 360 videos. After the video has been taken using Cor2tect’s virtual 180 multi camera software you can remove the background and place any still or animated background. 

This is the core function of the virtual green screen events, with the option of putting any background on your video. You may ask ok there are tons of software out there for background removing so why use this software? A valid question and we will get your answer when you move to the benefits part. Now let’s discuss the type of Virtual Green Screen Event. 

Types Of Virtual Green Screen Event

Now there is no definite type of virtual green screen event. But depending on the type of video we can categorize them in mainly three types. 

1. 180 Multi Camera Video:

As the name suggests 180 multi camera covers 180 degree curved angle and this type of bullet time effect is ideal for the brand activations and weddings as fewer cameras are needed for building a rig for 180 bullet time effect. Multi camera 180 photo booths are quite popular among event organizers, photo booths, and live event need as you can create some stunning 180 effects utilizing just 6 to 18 cameras. This type of bullet time effect is the most popular as it is easy to build the rig and costs less.

2. 360 Booth Video: 

If you want to feel like a celebrity this is the perfect photo booth for you. This is a spinning machine with a camera that shoots the subject on the center from 360-degree angle. It is as simple as that. These kinds of photo booths are quite popular in countries like the USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapour, and so on. In recent years we have seen the use of 360 photo booths in weddings, product activation, and experiential marketing events. If compared with bullet time photo booths 360 photo booths have fewer investments and are easy to set up, this is the sole reason why we have seen a shift towards this innovative photo booth.    

3. Other Videos: 

Apart from 180 multi camera booths & 360 video booths, there are normal videos that can also be used for the virtual green-screen effect. Take a boomerang video for example. A simple video that plays forwards & backward to create an effect. This type or any other video type can be used for the virtual green-screen effect. It all depends on the needs of the client.  

Benefits Of Using Virtual Green Screen Events Benefits Of Using Virtual Green Screen Events 

Back to the question, we asked earlier why use virtual green screen event software when you can do it using any other software? Well, the Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Time Slice Software for 180 multi-camera booths and Automated 360 Video Booth for 360 videos is a one-stop solution for all your events. Let’s look at the benefits which will give you a better idea. 

  1. COVID Proof: 

We are living through a pandemic though it is not as fatal as the Spanish flu or the black death still you can not take any chances with it. As I mentioned before the event industry was one of the hardest-hit so to get back we need caution. You need to make your booth COVID proof and Virtual Green Screen Events can be the perfect option for you. You will be capturing the videos in a closed setup & process the videos from your home using the same software you used to take the video.    

  1. Cost Friendly: 

It is as simple as a piece of the pie. You do not need to buy a bunch of extra software for creating effects. Just using one software you can get the required effect you want & also capture the videos. You will also be able to share the output using the software. So it’s truly a one-stop solution for all your events.   

  1. Be Creative: 

The normal 180 multi camera video or 360 videos can be a bit boring if you can not get the perfect background for it. But using the virtual green screen background you can use any animated or still background you want. The sky’s the limit for you when you are using the virtual green screen background.   

  1. The idea for Weddings: 

The 180 multi camera booth is perfect for weddings and using the green screen you can add a few extra spices to the mix. Most of the destination weddings are off currently due to the travel ban. But using green select any destination you want.  

  1. Perfect for Brand Activation: 

Brands always need a bit extra and a mixture of 180 multi camera, 360 videos using the green screen background can give your clients the extra attention they desire.

Host A Virtual Event Using Virtual Green Screen BackgroundsHow To Host A Virtual Event Using Virtual Green Screen Backgrounds

Now we will give a short demo on how you can host a virtual event using a virtual green screen background and make the most out of your event. Here are five steps to get started.  

Step 1: Select Video

This is the very first step depending on your client’s requirements you need to select the video type. As we mentioned before there are mostly three types of videos that you can start with. 

Step 2: Rent or Create

If you select 180 multi cameras you can either rent a rig or make your own DIY multi camera booth starting from 6 cameras. For 360 video you need to hire or buy the spinning rig and a DSLR or GoPro. For normal video one DSLR is enough.    

Step 3: Studio Setup:

Now for the best action, you can rent a studio or create your own using a green or blue screen background. You can also turn your own space into a studio using a green sheet of paper. Just make sure you cover the whole background. 

Step 4: Capture & Edit:

Now you have the rig also the studio just using Cor2tect software you can capture and edit the clips under a minute. You do not need advanced editing skills, it’s all quite easy and straightforward.  

Step 5: Share: 

Using the Sharing Software you can share the videos via email, WhatsApp, or social media directly from the software.  All the files are stored in your computer so there is no hassle over the cloud storage.  

It’s a very easy and simple one-stop event solution when you are using Cor2tect event software. To get your hands on the software contact us today.  

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