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multi camera controlling vs Bullet time effect: 2 Basic differences?- Best Software



Whenever technology introduces something new and fascinating it creates waves of opportunities. But it can also entice confusion if not understood properly. With so many new inventions coming to the surface every day. It is very hard to grasp what actually serves your purpose and what does not. Multi camera controlling vs Bullet time effect is a topic to discuss.

Take the bullet time effect for example. It is new, it is exciting but it is also very easy to confuse with many other different things. That may not be as cool as ‘Bullet Time Effect’. ‘Bullet Time Effect’ has many different terms such as freezing time effect, matrix effect, Multicam 360, 3D Multicam, etc. That is why people often confuse their capabilities with usual multi-camera videography.

Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

multi camera controlling vs Bullet time effect

The purpose of this article is to aware you of mismarketing of bullet time that has recently cost people a lot of money and time. But to move forward we need to understand a little bit of ‘Bullet Time Effect’ and ‘Multi-camera photoshoot’. Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

Multi-camera photo-shoot

Using multiple cameras to show a situation from different angles or perspectives is not a new thing. In many instances, multiple cameras controlled by a crew can produce videos that give a viewer different options to observe from.

By setting up multiple cameras to record events such as weddings, graduations, news presentations, sporting events and such, the videographer can create a completed project right there on the spot, ready to duplicate or broadcast. One of the most recent popular examples would be the 2018 FIFA World Cup’s VAR system.

The important thing to remember about multi-camera video production is that you’ll need a crew to manage all the cameras and the technical aspects. Also, any project needs constant communication and coordination for successful completion. The more cameras you set up, the more you need a larger crew and more tools. Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

Bullet Time Effect

The Wachowski Brothers originally popularized bullet time in their 1999 film ‘The Matrix’. It was a groundbreaking invention at that time for cinematography. Since then Bullet Time Effect has been used in many experiential marketing events, photo booths, promotional videos, ads, etc.

A set of still cameras surrounding the subject originally achieved the bullet time effect photographically. They fire the cameras sequentially, or all at the same time, depending on the desired effect. They then arrange and display single frames from each camera consecutively to produce an orbiting viewpoint of an action frozen in time or as hyper-slow-motion. This technique suggests the limitless perspectives and variable frame rates possible with a virtual camera. Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

You can achieve a bullet time effect perfectly by setting up a connected camera array/rig together, a PC, software to integrate and operate remotely and USB hubs to connect all of the hardware together. COR2TECT has developed an amazing solution that helps you integrate and automate the whole process very easily and precisely.

The best solution for a complex problem

As I’ve already mentioned when technology brings new innovative methods it is easy to confuse them with other methods. Some of the software solution companies may take advantage of that situation and try to sell you the wrong product in order to make some cheap bucks. This is very evident as quite a few people tried to get a solution for complex and advanced bullet time effects but end up getting a multi-camera solution that does not serve their purpose. Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

Bullet time effect is a very complex system that needs an advanced solution to handle its delicate nature. Although it is quite hard to achieve such advanced technology some companies will surely claim that they have the right product on their hands. But in truth, most of the companies out their lack of vision, skill, and expertise to provide a solution for this complex problem. multi camera controlling vs Bullet time effect

For this reason, I can confidently recommend that COR2TECT provides the best ‘Bullet Time Effect’ solutions, and their service outshines all other solutions out there. They don’t rely on false marketing to make money; rather they make impeccable products and provide flawless service.

Bullet time videos are usually made by camera array rigs of different sizes and shapes. COR2TECT provides solutions that help you remotely control and auto-trigger your cameras for small camera array rigs. Their fast and accurate algorithm lets you have the ability to remotely control and trigger your cameras for a much more flexible experience. Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

Camera control will only give you access to manage and control multiple cameras; on the other hand, bullet time effect software will give you access to awesome features with camera control. Make your time freeze with that software. You can give your audience an awesome experience with the flawless output from the cor2tect’s bullet time software.

Do not use any lower class software which will ultimately reduce your media quality and your audience won’t be satisfied. To give the best experience output with clean media is important. Sometimes it takes a lot time to make the media and the audience get bored with that. Our bullet time software is instant. you just click and the media will be ready. Also using the sharing station can give access to your audience and they can get the software instantly by scanning a qr code with their phone only.

After all, this is all about getting the best value for your time and money. Before spending your dollars on solutions for complex problems, you need to think twice. Do you actually buy from the people who only use ‘flashy marketing words’ but do not offer any value? Or do you actually want the best product which will definitely improve the quality of the products? The choice is yours. Multi Camera Controlling vs Bullet time effect

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