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Best Superfast Multi Camera Trigger System Software 3 points to be noted


Photographers and filmmakers often look for new ways to create content that is not only creative but also captures a different imagination. Multi Camera Trigger System is a revolutionary thing.The idea is to stand out among the others using whatever resources are available. Thus in 1999, Wachowski brothers invented Bullet Time effect to create an experience that has never been seen before. The fastest multi camera trigger system software is here.

Why choosing the right technology is important?

Bullet time effect opened the door for many possibilities that expand beyond photographers and filmmakers. Many businesses and marketers realize the importance of engaging customers in brand promotion. There are so many marketing agencies, experiential brand promoters, event organizers and Ad agencies out there that use Bullet Time effect, Timeslice, Multicam photo experience to increase customer engagement. Multi Camera Trigger System

If you are one of those agencies, it is important for you to understand the importance of cost minimization. If you can get the best value for the minimum cost it will increase your positioning in the market. There are very few software solutions out there that can give proper value for money for experiential marketers. Most solutions offer little but invite an unfair amount of stress.

Why should you choose remote multi camera trigger system over analog triggering?

To capture a multi-cam or bullet-time photo, you will need to use a trigger system that will integrate and optimize multiple cameras and generate the effect using specialized software. That is called multi camera trigger system.  Most software out there requires external devices and other tools to use for triggering which is mostly known as ‘Analog triggering’. Multi Camera Trigger System

Analog triggering is not only expensive but also very troublesome and time-consuming. For a camera rig consists of 12 to 20 cameras it will take a lot of time and money to set up the expensive devices and tools to integrate all the cameras. Don’t forget, you will also need extra manpower and resources for the maintenance and upkeep of those extra devices too. Furthermore, people with little technical knowledge might find it very difficult to work with. Multi Camera Trigger System

On the other hand, remote triggering lets you control and optimize the cameras without any extra devices or tools. You won’t have to worry about spending money to buy extra devices or spending valuable time setting up those systems. Remote triggering makes it much easier for anyone with standard technical knowledge to operate and produce innovative bullet-time photo experience.

Choosing the best option

There are very few software solutions out there that have implemented remote triggering perfectly. Most software still relies on analog triggering which, as I mentioned above, makes execution much more complex and exorbitant. However, COR2TECT has been developing bullet-time solutions for quite a while now and they have perfected the remote triggering faultlessly. 

If you select the wrong option it may make the things tough and the output won’t be perfect. To get the proper output it is important to use the best software available In the market.

COR2TEC’s advanced algorithm allowed them to develop software that not only enables remote triggering capability but also very fast alignment. No delay in triggering or alignment, fast output, extremely user-friendly and the whole process is automated through software. It is pretty much a full package for camera rig or arrays containing up to 20 cameras.

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A businessman’s goal should always to minimize cost and maximize profit. Why bother yourself with outdated methods when you can easily upgrade to better technology with minimum effort. When customers always look for something new and innovative, it is important for business people to be dynamic innovators.

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