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How to make a slow motion photo booth?


A slow motion photo booth can be a very deceptive concept as there are few types of booths that offer this trending effect. Slow motion photo booth rental is gaining much popularity these days and with a bit of help, you can also make a slow motion photo booth. In this blog, I will reveal what are the types of slow motion booths and help to get started with your own DIY slow motion booth. 

What is slow motion boothWhat is slow motion booth  

Before we get into what is a slow motion booth first let’s talk about what is slow motion. This method is normally taken when each film is captured much more quickly than replayed. On the contrary, when replayed at normal speed, time seems to pass slowly. One word is used to overwrite slow motion videos, which means videos are captured slower than normal. You can also capture the video at a normal pace and use computer software to slow down the time. The last process is called post-production. 

Now you know what is a slow motion so that makes things easy for us. To put in a simple perspective a slow motion photo booth is a type of booth that captures slow motion videos of the guests using one camera or multiple cameras.

Yes, you heard me right you can also capture slow motion videos using multiple cameras. So that means there are different types of slow motion photo booths which we will discuss more in the next section. 

What are the types of slow motion boothWhat are the types of slow motion booth

Probably a few years ago when it came to slow motion booths people only thought about a single camera booth but thanks to the latest technology now there are different types of booths that harness the power of slow motion.

1. Single camera booth slow motion booth: 

This is an old concept of the slow motion photo booth where a single high performing video camera is used to capture the footage. Then the footage is edited by 3rd party tools like Adobe Premiere Pro using a slow motion plugin for better results. This kind of slow motion booth is ideal for events like weddings or birthday parties. 

2. 180 Multi camera slow motion booth: 

There are many names for this booth which creates an effect which is called Bullet Time Effect. This booth is known as a 3D slow motion booth, 180 slow motion photo booth, Multi camera slow motion booth, Camera array booth and so on. To be honest this is the future of slow motion photo booths as it is gaining much popularity these days.

6 to 18 cameras can be used to create this effect with the help of a software which is called 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth. The most amazing thing is you can create a bunch of other effects using this booth such as slow motion, jump and freeze, stop motion and so on. 

The multi camera slow motion booth can be used for different occasions. Apart from the wedding, this booth is highly popular for covering brand activations events. Whatever the purpose is, a multi camera slow motion booth is a must in 2020. I think you should remember that

3. 360 slow motion video booth: 

It is the ideal photo booth for you if you want to feel like a celebrity. This is a revolving device with a camera shooting the subject from a 360 ° angle in the middle. It’s just that straightforward. Such photo stands are very common in countries such as the USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, etc.

Now you must be confused about how on earth this is a slow motion booth. If you use Automated 3D Video effect software you can add effects like slow motion, Fast motion, Green Screen and many more effects using a premade video template.  

We saw 360 video booths being used in weddings, product activation, and experiential marketing activities in recent years. 360 photo booths have fewer investments and are easy to install compared to bullet time photo booths. That is why it is rising in popularity. 

Hardwares you need to make a slow motion photo booth Hardware you need to make a slow motion photo booth

Now you know what are the types of slow motion photo booths but to get you started you need a bit more information. Each type has its unique sets of requirements both from a software and hardware perspective. In this section, I will cover the hardware part of the slow motion photo booths. 

1. Single camera booth slow motion booth:

To be absolutely straight forward you need a high performing DSLR camera it can be Red Epic Dragon or canon 5d mark ii or any other per your budget just make sure the camera you select is for videography. For the lens, the best outcome will be achieved with 18-55mm. The studio lighting setup is a must and makes sure you use a solid white background. 

Once you have the video footage it’s time for post-production. You need post production and this is done using 3rd party tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and a slow motion plugin to avoid motion lag. There are few slow motion plugins on the market right now and cor2tect has just released a super slow motion plugin for adobe which is very easy to use compared with other plugins. If you want the plugin make sure you contact us

2. Multi camera slow motion booth: 

The multi camera slow motion booth is quite complicated compared to a single camera booth slow motion booth. But you do not need post production as 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth can automatically add a slow motion effect. If you want to start a multi camera slow motion booth there is a separate article for it which will help to get started with creating bullet time effect. So make sure you check that blog and let us know. 

3. 360 slow motion video booth: 

The 360 slow motion video booth needs one camera. Any DSLR camera or GoPro and a 360 rig. Getting the camera is easy but the 360 rig is hard to get as only a few companies sell the 360 rigs. Orcavue, spin cam 360 are two of the biggest players in the market.

Now once you take the video and want to add slow motion you need post production and that can kill time but if you use Automated 360 Video effect. If you add slow motion with a click of a button. You need an optimal performing computer to run the software. 

Extra tips for Camera selection

Camera selection can be a nightmare sometimes as many can argue that GoPro or Sony or Canon M50 has built-in slow motion. But the thing is these cameras are expensive and do not support the super slow motion. If you use a basic DSLR you won’t get the slow motion features. That’s why software is needed which helps you to turn a 30fps video into 240fps+. The best part is this can be done in real time during live events. I will talk about more in the next section. 

Software for slow motion photo boothSoftware for slow motion photo booth  

If hardwares are the body of your slow motion booth the software is the soul. Likely for each of the booths Cor2tect is your one-stop solution platform.  Here is the list of Softwares that will power your slow motion booth.

1. Super slow motion plugin: 

Cor2tect has announced a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro which will be arriving soon so make sure you contact us for pre-booking

2. 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth: 

A new update has just been released for Cor2tect 3D Bullet Timeslice Booth. The update was all about adding super slow motion and eliminating the post production process. Now you can easily add super slow motion to your Multi camera slow motion booth without post production. 

3. Automated 360 Video Effect:  

Automated 360 Video Effect is designed to add automatic slow motion for your 360 slow motion video booth. With premade templates, you can add slow motion or even fast motion effects with just one click. 


COVID-19 has turned the event industry upside down & the bullet time event industry was no exception. Due to increased social distancing among general mass setting up big bullet time rigs has decreased dramatically and people are shifting towards smaller rigs. Cor2tect has released new software for Bullet Time which is called Nano Bullet Time Effect which is considered to be the best Multi Camera Rig for events during COVID-19. Using this you can trigger 6 cameras and use Diphideo Sharing Station which supports multiple sharing devices for free. Currently, this Nano Bullet Time Effect is on sale so contact us to book your package today.

Color Grading For Slow Motion

Another useful feature of Cor2tect’s 3D Bullet Time Effect and Automated 360 Video Effec is color grading. When running a live event in outdoors the lighting setup and getting the perfect light for your outputs can be quite troublesome. The advanced color grading option from Cor2tect can be your lifesaver and the best part is it’s super easy to apply.

There are actually two methods of applying this the first one is by using an existing image. All you need to do is find an image that is perfect for lighting. You simply select the image from our software and the color grading of your video or image will be set automatically according to the images you just selected. This is super easy, fast, and perfect for live events.

The second method is for the people who are involved in post-production and does not get satisfied too easily. Thought manually editing the color grading can be quite a time-consuming task but there are people who would like to have the final touch themselves rather than automation. So for those people, you can select .cube extension and select the color according to your needs. Once you are happy with the color of grading of the cube file it will be added automatically on your video or images.

I hope you got the required information you were looking for. I hope now it will be easy to get started with your slow motion. If you still have any confusion or queries make sure you contact us today to resolve it.   

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